Employment Law Employee Rights And Protection Issues

Employment law covers the rights and obligations arising within an employer-employee relationship. Known for its great complexity, the employment legislation, deals with issues such as discrimination, workplace safety or wrongful termination. Being able to rely on a legal professional when confronted with employment issues is very important. Makbool Javaid, head of the Employment Group at Simons Muirhead & Burton, is one of the leading experts in the field of employment legislation.

All employees and employers should maintain themselves well informed on various aspects of the employment law. If you’re an employee you should be well aware of your rights and obligations within the company you work for. These rights include the right to not be discriminated against, the right to a harassment-free workplace, the right to be paid at least minimum wage and overtime premiums, the right to a safe workplace, the right to privacy and so on. Whenever joining a company it’s highly important that you know what your rights are and make sure the employer respects them. Many legal actions arise because of the employees’ failure to keep themselves informed on their rights and duties. Makbool Javaid has been involved in several high profile cases based on the rights and obligations of the employees. At makbooljavaid.com you can find out more about Makbool Javaid, his legal career and the cases he’s been involved in.

Several federal regulations on employment relationships have traced the basic guidelines to all of the major employee protection and anti-discrimination issues. For instance, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is meant to protect the individuals with permanent or long term mental or physical impairment. The ADA clearly states that employers must provide reasonable accommodations for the disabled individuals. Furthermore, the ADA prohibits employers to take certain discriminatory actions such as adopting detrimentally different pay scales or promotion opportunities for protected groups or individuals.

Another very important federal regulation meant to prevent and protect against workplace discrimination is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). The purpose of this act is to protect employees from age discrimination in hiring, firing and promotion decisions. Regulations to protect employees who have ended their employment are also very rigorous. The Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA) prevents people in this category from losing coverage under a health plan. Protecting employees from gender discrimination is the main goal of the Equal Pay Act. This regulation states that male and female employees should be paid the same wage for performing the same job.

Employment law represents one of the most complex fields of the legal system. Many federal regulations have been adopted to protect both employees and employers from wrongful conduct. Because of the large number and complexity of employment laws, legal professionals have to be extremely well informed when dealing with employment issues. Makbool Javaid has had a great amount of experience in the field of employment law and continues to be a key figure in the legal scene.

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